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Philips Hue


Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to see smart lighting in action – LED lighting systems that are strategically placed in rooms to give the most interesting play on lights, all controlled via smart phone.

The Philips Hue brand is synonymous with smart lighting. The product is a genius combination of crisp LED light with intuitive technology. You easily control the brightness of the lighting in any room from your smart phone, but Hue goes way beyond that — with Phillips Hue, you can set the bulbs to any color in the hue spectrum to reflect an array of moods and themes in any room with Hue bulbs installed.

This allows you to create the perfect ambiance in your home for any occasion, simply by using an app on your iPhone or Android. Simply download the app to your smart phone or tablet, and you can control the light in your home from anywhere in the world. Bonus: the system is friends with Apple Home Kit and can be controlled with Siri voice control.

While Philips Hue boasts a whole suite of products, you can get the Philips Hue Starter Kit on Amazon for around $199.99. My guess, though, is you won’t be able to resist all of the fun add on’s available.

Though the possibilities with Philips Hue Lighting products are virtually endless, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite setups:


Get creative with large furniture like media consoles.


Light dark hallways with the Hue Light Strips.


Turn your backyard pool into a resort-like oasis for a nighttime dip.


Create a focal point in any room with bright color against crisp white walls.


Create added interest by placing light under a raised couch, or under kitchen bar-tops.

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What are your favorite Philips Hue setups? We’d love to see your ideas – Comment below!

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