Reflections and Resolutions in 2019

What it’s REALLY like working with your spouse.


It’s been such an interesting journey as we have grown into full-time entrepreneurs together. Back when Bryce and I were just two people who happened to work at the same financial firm, I could never have guessed that life would bring us to where we are today.

From the moment we decided we wanted to leave our finance jobs and work together, it took six months of preparing, planning, and hard work. It wasn’t easy, and through the last four years we’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to successfully run a business with your spouse. It’s one of the things we are asked about most, and today we are excited to chat with you as we answer questions you want to know about what it’s REALLY like working with your spouse.


Time Stamps:

How we got into the business: 00:45
Why we wanted to work together: 01:24
How long did it take to close your first deal: 01:56
How do you avoid fights: 03:55
Having different perspectives: 05:00
The most important thing when it comes to working with your spouse: 05:36
What are your strengths and weaknesses: 06:06
Do you ever have time alone: 08:05
What’s the hardest part of working together: 08:55
How do you both handle the stress of working multiple businesses together: 10:27
What is your advice for couples thinking about going into business together: 11:26


Starting a business isn’t easy…Alone, OR with your spouse.

It took months of planning to get our dream going, and not one thing has remained the same over the last four years of working with and supporting each other. It hasn’t been easy, but wow…what a time we live in to where you can work side by side with your best friend to create a legacy together? I’ve known from the beginning that Bryce and I are people who can make amazing things happen together. There’s nothing we should do for the other, and we love going ALL in for our clients.

What’s keeping you on the fence of working with your spouse?

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