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Two Big Shifts We’re Making to Our Marketing in 2019

From day one, we’ve made an effort to create a brand over a business, and that mindset has hugely contributed to our growth. Marketing has been an important part of that! In an industry that’s becoming more competitive and saturated with time, you can bet that we are taking a hard look at the way we are communicating to our audience, prospective clients, and supporters of our business. Going into this new year, we are thinking a lot about how we can create more effective communication to attract amazing new clients and grow our reach in 2019.

In 2019, it’s all about what you say, and how you say it.

Agents too often become walking, talking billboards. I imagine a lot of business owners fall into this trap. They have a product or service that they believe in, and they can’t wait to spread the word about it! While it’s important to let prospects know what you do, what’s far more important is what message you’re conveying, and how you’re sharing it.

In 2019, it’s a noisy world. To stand out, we are going to have to be very thoughtful and strategic about our messaging. That’s why effective marketing matters more than ever for our growing businesses.

I truly believe that you can make a massive impact with small, manageable shifts in your day-to-day processes. So in that spirit, I’m sharing two main ways we are shifting to make waves in 2019.


Shift #1: Marketing vs. Advertising

Which do you do more often? It’s true that advertising is a part of marketing – after all, marketing is a culmination of all the impressions you leave on a client. But so often business owners lean too hard into advertising and forget about all the other valuable communication that can not only convert new clients, but create clients for life.

Think about the content you’re sharing on social media, for example. Chances are, you’re posting a lot of “Sold!”, “Open House!”, and “New Listing!” posts. You might think that by showing lots of evidence of success, you are establishing credibility with potential clients. But in order to attract high converting leads, you need to establish trust and authority. The easiest way to accomplish this is by educating the consumer. So, you can bet we are going to be leaning hard into content marketing with helpful resources to potential buyers and sellers.


Shift #2: Go All In On Video

In 2019, there is no more room for excuses about why not to do video. Too many studies are hanging out on Google that support video in marketing: it’s hugely engaging, addictive to consumers, and favored by most social platforms. And it’s not too late! There is still a massive growth opportunity to increase your business using video in 2019. Whether you’re into Facebook Live videos, planned content on Youtube, or vlog style Instagram Stories, there’s truly something for everyone.

If I’m being totally honest, video is one of those things I do really well in some avenues, and lack completely in others. For example, I crush it in Instagram Stories. I’m not bragging – it’s just something I feel really comfortable doing and I can do it without too much time investment. Vlogging on Youtube is easy for me, too. But this year, I intend to create more communications via video into my CRM, as well as more video content marketing on Facebook.

If content is king, video and messaging is his cavalry. I’m excited to get in on the action!


Stay tuned for more updates on these plans! What struggles or wins do you find with either marketing with your clients in mind, and using video? Can’t wait to hear all about it!

Stefanie Lugo | Lugo & Co. in Phoenix, Arizona

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