Surprising ways to incorporate video into your real estate business in 2019!

Surprising Ways to Incorporate Video in 2019

A little while ago we shared some big shifts we are making to our marketing strategy. In that post, we mentioned how marketing in 2019 simply is not complete without elements of video!

Video continues to become massively consumed on the internet. Social platforms favor the medium, changing their user experience for the maximum performance possible. And in fact, study after study supports that businesses who use video marketing see a drastically higher conversion of new leads, and greater brand awareness in their markets.

Basically, it’s a no brainer to start adding video into your marketing plan.

It’s not enough to know that video is important, though. There are a thousand different ways to get started with video marketing and that can drastically lead to overwhelming! So today, I’d like to share a few easy ways you can start incorporating video marketing into your business this week.


Instagram Stories

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If you’re not on Instagram, your brand reach is suffering. No matter who your audience (ie. ideal client) is on Instagram, you have an audience out there waiting for you. The best way to connect with new people and expand your reach is through daily use of the Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories allow you to do still photos or videos in 15-second intervals. Think about Stories as your “daily vlog”: the behind the scenes look at your daily life. Pop in there each day to share exclusive insights into your day-to-day, ask questions or set a poll to engage your audience, and share helpful tips or funny stories. Create even further reach by adding in hashtags or tagging your location.


Facebook Live

It’s no secret that Facebook rewards the use of Facebook Live. This makes it a great opportunity to get your message in front of a large audience. Live video allows you to connect directly with your audience in a personal way (and in real time!) and can be a great alternative to the tiresome planning and execution of long-form video content. Bonus, you can use Live video to engage with everyone that watches while you’re on by asking questions and responding to comments.

Use the Live feature details about an open house or new listing you’re wanting to spotlight. You can also do a weekly “show” where you pop up to answer FAQ’s or a special topic. And of course, use it to promote an upcoming event (like a client appreciation party!) or give live sneak peaks during one!


Videos in Email

There are so many ways to increase your open rates by including videos in your emails! If you are currently sending out email newsletters, market updates, or even milestone notifications during your transactions, try swapping out some of the content with a video.

Indicate in the subject line that the message includes a video, to catch the attention. Then, either include the video using a hosting service like BombBomb, or linking a still image to the video on your Youtube Channel or Vimeo account. Information conveyed over video will be more impactful, engaging, and more likely to be watched!


Planned Video Content

Content marketing is going to make a giant push into the real estate world. Why? Well, as agents, we used to provide value by having exclusive access to the MLS. Nowadays, consumers can go ANYWHERE to view listings. So, in order to get creative and add value, you’ll see more and more agents sharing helpful video content to their audiences.

Plan to create one piece of original video content a week, and cover topics like FAQ’s, tips for buyers and sellers, market analysis, and more. The topics are endless! Think about what your audience is wanting to know, and deliver in a big way.


Client Spotlights

What better way to increase your conversion by letting the evidence speak for itself? Doing client testimonials or spotlights on video is a great way to help prospects imagine themselves working with you. Ask your raving clients to share what was so special about their experience with you, and why they’d recommend you as a real estate agent!


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