Happy birthday, Bryce!

A Letter to Bryce on His Birthday


So here we are.


Your 29th birthday.


10,585 days you’ve been around, to be exact. I know how you feel about numbers. And I must say, each day has looked better on you than the last.

At 29, you are somewhere between looking out over the next wonderful year of life ahead, and the last year of your Roaring 20’s. Another year has passed, just like that – not just another candle on the cake, but countless memories, accomplishments, late nights and early mornings together.

This is the fourth birthday of yours that we’ve known each other. But this one feels just a little different.

Maybe it’s because we are growing out of the infant stages of running a business together. We’ve learned a lot about each other in ways we wouldn’t have otherwise. We don’t feel those nervous butterflies as often, and we have more confidence in our steps. You and I have clear(er) ideas of what it is we are doing – where we are going. We hired our first assistant!

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your strength through this last year; when it’s been weeks since we’ve had a day to ourselves, and I am ready to give up, you keep pushing us along. Never one to let a client down. I see you clicking away at the computer, into the night (often past midnight), trying to build a foundation for us to grow our lives together on. I am so proud of you. You make all the hard calls and shoulder the heaviest burdens of our business, and I can never express how grateful I am for that.

Maybe this year feels different because, if we can ever get our act together and pick a wedding date, this will be your last birthday before I call you my husband. I have cherished this adventure of building a business together; I can’t wait to begin this next chapter in our lives. We are going to rock at marriage!

So here’s to Bryce at 29. Happy Birthday, Bryce.



  • Jeanette frank
    Posted at 13:42h, 24 August Reply

    <3 this! Cheers to the happy couple & Happy Bday Bryce!

    • Bryce Lugo
      Posted at 11:43h, 29 August Reply

      Thanks, Jeanette!! We were so glad to have been able to see you last week! Hope to see you again soon! ?

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