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What We Actually Wish We Could Put In Our Wedding Registry

The countdown is on, with just over two months before we get married! We know what we are signing up for: a lifetime of love and companionship, but also gifts. And, since we’re a modern couple who have lived together for a few years now, and accumulated most of what we actually need, we thought we’d give you a heads up on some of the things we actually want. Pause on the flatware set (unless it’s the brushed gold one from Crate and Barrel) and read this first!


New Business Cards

We are in this weird in-between stage where we desperately need new business cards. But since I’ll be changing my name in +/- 60 days, we’ve been stuck in order limbo. Because let’s be honest, we aren’t going to go through 1,000 cards between now and April 29th.


More Homebuyers

Weddings are expensive, y’all. So, if you really want to help us get our marriage started on the right foot, let’s get you into that updated 3-bedroom and a den you’ve been eyeing!


Vitamin D

It’s been a long six (seven? eight?) months since our last vacation, and we are so ready to hit the beach! You should see my “Vacation” Pinterest board. It’s something to behold. Luckily, they actually make a honeymoon registry so


An Anything-of-the-Month Club For the Rest of Our Lives

Wine works.


Really Good Room Rates for the Wedding, Preferably at that New Marriott Downtown

It’s brand new, and opening literally days before our wedding. I promise I will write a glowing review all about our experience there, on the blog and elsewhere. Just do us right on the rates. Please.


Anything from West Elm

Literally anything. We need it. We need all of it.


Well-fed and Generally At-Ease Appraisers

God willing, we will have between 5-7 homes closing between now and the wedding. We will not settle for at least contract price values! Keep it together, guys!



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  • Liz Hermansky
    Posted at 08:13h, 25 February Reply

    Two things. 1) love the honesty and 2) thanks for the gift ideas!

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