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The Best Things We Ate This Month: September

A community is only as good as its food. Okay – not really, but if you know us, you know we love finding great new places to eat! Luckily, we live in Phoenix, Arizona, home one of the fastest growing food scenes in America. Every month, we share the best things we ate here in the valley. But, you can always follow us along on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook for more of the best places to eat in Metro Phoenix!


Biscuits & Gravy with Schreiner’s Sausage @ Windsor 

The Best Things We Ate This Month | Lugo & Co.

Windsor – The Best Things We Ate This Month | Lugo & Co.

Bryce: If you know Stef and I, our thing is Sunday Brunch. No matter what time of year it is, you will find us at one of
a handful of our favorite restaurants every Sunday between 10-11 am enjoying brunch. It’s one of my favorite traditions together, and we look forward to it every week. My favorite brunch item is the Biscuits & Gravy from Windsor on Central. First off, the restaurant is amazing and we’ve done plenty of talking about it. If I were to be honest though, this biscuits & gravy is the best thing on the menu! It comes with MJ biscuits, topped with over easy eggs, and a side of Schreiner’s sausage. The biscuits are to die for – as are most of MJ’s delicacies. The gravy is thickly seasoned with noticeable bits of sausage cooked in, and the eggs are always perfectly cooked, and really tie the meal together.

Pair this with a Pitcha of Pimm’s (Windor’s take on a classic Pimm’s Cup cocktail), and a cup of coffee, and you can conquer any kind of Sunday. If you’re not in to the breakfast stuff (shame), at least stop by for their killer cocktail hour for a pitcher of beer. You’ll love the ambiance.

5223 N Central Ave, Phoenix.

The Malnati Chicago Classic™ @ Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

The Best Things We Ate This Month | Lugo & Co

Lou Malnati’s Pizzera – The Best Things We Ate This Month | Lugo & Co

Stefanie: Things got a little cheesy this month during our first (I know) visit to Lou Malnati’s. “Chicago’s best” just came to Phoenix a few months ago, but this was our first visit. With my high standards and deep-seated pride in the local food scene, I was not expecting to be this blown away! We started with Buffalou (cute) chicken wings. It’s hard to get these wrong, but I was so glad they were right. The wings were plump and juicy, and the chicken literally wanted to melt in your mouth. They were smothered in tart and spicy buffalo sauce, and ranch on the side instead of bleu, like always.

The pizza still has me puzzled, in the best way. We split a small “Malnati Chicago Classic™”, which comes with extra cheese, and Lou’s lean sausage. Because nothing is sacred, we asked for an extra topping of pepperoni and for it to be made well-done. And I was never the same. That butter crust is mind numbing, the sausage and pepperoni were beautifully perched on top of that perfectly melty cheese — like, DID YOU SEE THAT PICTURE? It was awesome. Lou Malnati’s also earns extra points for their “Ship a Pizza” option, for those not near a physical location. I’ve heard good things about it.

100 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix.

Filet Mignon & Baked Potato @ Don & Charlie’s 

The Best Things We Ate This Month | Lugo & Co.

Don & Charlie’s – The Best Things We Ate This Month | Lugo & Co.

Kacey: When I get hungry I just want to devour absolutely everything, but this particular Saturday night, all my family was in town and we decided to get steak. I along with the rest of my family, am very picky when it comes to a good steak. My uncle was a restaurant owner for many years, so food is kind of our thing. We came across Don & Charlie’s, and my uncle just HAD to go there. Sporting a classic steakhouse ambiance, it also gives a family feel with all of the sports memorabilia. The service was incredible, and as soon as we were seated, we were able to order drinks and appetizers. With a party of 14, servers can easily get stressed out and forget things, but that wasn’t the case at all.

I ordered the filet mignon, medium rare. I love when my steak is basically still bleeding! It was absolutely delicious, like melt in your mouth delicious! Oh, and I can’t forget the baked potato with a mountain of butter and sour cream. You can’t order a steak without a baked potato, and if you get a potato, you have to go all out! Have you ever experienced that feeling when you’re almost done with your meal and you get a little sad? That happened. I literally never wanted it to end. If you are looking for a little date night spot or a night out with your family, I would definitely recommend this place!

7501 E Camelback Rd, Scottsdale.


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