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The Best Things We Ate This Month: February

 Phoenix Food! A community is only as good as its food. Okay – not really, but if you know us, you know we love finding great new places to eat! Luckily, we live in Phoenix, Arizona, home one of the fastest growing food scenes in America. Every month, we share the best things we ate here in the valley. But, you can always follow us along on Instagram and Facebook for more of the best places to eat in Metro Phoenix!

It’s already March — I GET IT. But we are all going to give each other a little slack for posting February’s TBTWATM in March, because it was a short month and things have been really busy around here. Okay? Mmmk.


The Best Things We Ate This Month | Lugo & Co.ALL THE TACOS @ Tacos Chiwas

A few years ago, Bryce and I made a little trip down to Rocky Point for a few days and just had the best time. We spent some time in t
he sun, drove around the city, but most of all we ate a ton of tacos. Bryce’s cousin, Justin, tipped us off to this taco place a few months ago, and we’ve been trying to stop by for weeks. Last Sunday, after the Coronado Historical Homes tour, we swung by. We tried the pollo (chicken), carne asada, and pastor. Each were good, hearty little things. If you know anything about street tacos, you know they tend to be smaller three-biters, but these were the perfect portions! The house’s special Tacos Chiwas taco featured ham, beef, and green chilis with cheese. Such a great decision — even for just a few moments, we were transported back to sunny days in Mexico.

Tacos Chiwas. 1923 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix.


The Best Things We Ate This Month | Lugo & Co.

@bourbonandbonesaz on Instagram

The Devil’s Cut, Hot Rock Waygu Beef @ Bourbon & Bones

I’ve never known life before we tried these amazing slices of waygu beef on a hot rock. Our friends Danielle and Rich (also our favorite home inspector in all the land!) introduced us to this fun starter plate and we were so thrilled by the experience! Thinly cut beef is plated raw, with a flaky finishing salt and a dipping sauce. With that comes a hot rock — literally, a stone larger the size of a head of lettuce, heated to over 500 degrees. You take one piece at a time using chop sticks, and slap it on the hot rock to cook. The beef sizzles! It dances! It can’t hardly wait to delight you! Then, a quick finish with a sprinkle of salt and the tangy dipping sauce. The beef was so incredibly tender and flavorful! This was a very fun pre-dinner treat, and was one of the highlights of that evening. If you visit Bourbon & Bones, you must order this.

Bourbon & Bones. 4200 N Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale.


The Best Things We Ate This Month | Lugo & Co.Basically Everything @ Worth Takeaway

We had to include our friends at Worth Takeaway since they just celebrated their one-year anniversary this month! This cute little sandwich shop popped up in Downtown Mesa last year, and it’s become our go-to stop for when we are in the area. Worth offers breakfast, sandwiches and salads, and also coffee. Our favorite sandwiches are probably the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich (hold the bleu for Bryce), or the crispy chicken sandwich! The reuben is also awesome. One thing is for certain: We never leave Worth Takeaway without a coffee, the real hero of Lugo & Co. Worth partners with local friends like Provision Coffee & Iconic Cocktail to create beautiful coffee drinks. The cold brew latte with Iconic Cocktail Spiced Honey syrup is our fav, but a good nitro cold brew does the job, too.

Worth Takeaway. 218 West Main Street, Mesa.


Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to tell us your recommendations for where to try next month!


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