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Best Brunch in Central Phoenix (Updated)

Do we even need to explain our love for brunch?

For years, Bryce and I have had a coveted ritual of Sunday brunch. For us, church is an eggs benny, biscuits and gravy, and locally roasted coffee. Of course, as time goes on, new restaurants open, menus change, and so do tastes. So, to ease us into the new week, I thought I’d update our line up of the best brunch in Phoenix!


Stock & Stable

Best Brunch in Phoenix | Lugo & Co.

We just cannot get enough of this brunch! Stock & Stable has been open since last summer, and though we’ve tried everything from morning breakfast to late night cocktails, it’s the brunch that keeps us coming back. Our go-to’s are the basic breakfast and the breakfast sandwich, which are both basically the same dish. The basic breakfast is everything you want in your morning eggs and bacon, served with a generous side of crispy hash browns, and a choice of bacon or Schreiner’s sausage patties. The breakfast sandwich is perfect, with eggs, melty cheese and Schreiner’s sausage.  House made honey-hot sauce is tucked in somewhere between a perfect roll that keeps everything together. Delicious! We also love the french press coffee, though it feels pricey for only 3-4 servings.



Best Brunch in Phoenix | Lugo & Co.

An oldie but goodie! Sometimes, you just need the reliability of a good Upwards Projects meal. You have plenty of delicious menu choices here, many accompanied by locally made MJ baked goods. With happy hour until five, you have your choice of craft cocktails, mimosas and a decked out bloody mary bar. Or, take our lead and order yo’self a ‘Pitcha of Pimms’, a light and easy cocktail perfect for spring mornings. Bryce is obsessed with the biscuits and gravy, and my go-to lately has been a basic breakfast of eggs and bacon, with an MJ english muffin. Yum!



Otro Cafe

Best Brunch in Phoenix | Lugo & Co.

There is just something about a Mexican-inspired brunch! Give me salsa, fried chips, and cheese, in any order, and I am set. Otro Cafe has an awesome brunch menu, with lighter fruits and grains as well as heavier egg dishes. I fully abuse the bottles of homemade salsa with just about anything I order, but I’ll usually stick with the Mexican breakfast (eggs, beans, a side of chorizo and the BEST house-made tortillas! Or, go crazy and order a burrito off their all-day menu. There are no rules at brunch, after all!


Luci’s at the Orchard

Best Brunch in Phoenix | Lugo & Co.

Funny story: We’ve been going to Luci’s ever since our corporate finance days back in the early 2010’s, and I am planning my bridal shower here this spring! Luci’s is a staple of the Uptown Phoenix area, and we fell ever deeper in love with the group after they opened the Orchard last summer. What makes this a special brunch spot is it’s gorgeous outdoor atmosphere. Though the restaurant build-out is absolutely top-notch, the crowd pleaser is a large courtyard area, flanked by patio space on either side and covered in shade trees. A splash pad for kiddos, too! Luci’s offers their traditional all-day breakfast, with omelets, fruit and grain options, and more. Pomelo, the full-service restaurant on one side of the courtyard, offers delicious morning entrees and $5 brunch cocktails on the weekends, as well.


This is a short and sweet Central Phoenix edition of a “Best Of”, but we’d love to explore other sides of the valley, too! Let us know your go-to spots for a delicious brunch — connect with us on Instagram or Facebook to chat!

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