Congrats, Todd & Taylor!

Before we head off for a much needed vacation, we are flashin’ back this Friday to a few days ago when our sweet friends, Todd & Taylor, closed on their first home!


Todd & Taylor are my favorite kind of story! First time home-buyers, ready to lay down some roots. They were so excited about finally purchasing their first home together! Their positive attitudes and great energy made the whole process so fun!

The best part? These cool cats a) found the right house, b) chose the right house (sometimes harder than you think!), and c) got through the whole closing process in less than 40 days!

That’s right! Buying a house doesn’t always have to be a long, arduous process — especially with the right agents by your side (wink wink!).

Todd & Taylor came to us and got prequalified right away in the middle of May. They were so great about crossing their T’s and dotting their I’s, and told us exactly what they were looking for and their expectations. So, we went off, searching for the perfect single family home, with 3 bedrooms, room for a dog, and a giant garage!

After two or three showing appointments — all in one week! — Todd & Taylor zeroed in on the one:


They had a pretty tight deadline to get into their new home, so we did everything we could to get the strongest offer for them, at the best price — and, wouldn’t you know, it was accepted! A quick 35 day process followed to complete all the necessary steps of buying a home, and they were officially home owners! Todd & Taylor were such great clients — we are so excited for you both!


Congrats, Todd & Taylor! We wish you many years of happiness in your new home together!

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