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Simple Home DIY Projects to Transform Your Space!

Happy Monday, friends!

There’s something about the changing of seasons that completely energizes me. I really love change, and I love to embrace it in the different areas  of our lives, especially our home! With fall on the horizon (FINALLY), I am eyeing some fun DIY projects that just about anyone could do.

Because I really thrive off the comfort of home, I’m always thinking of quick and easy ways to spruce up our living space. Especially when it comes to advising our clients who are selling their home, we always need a few of these DIY projects in our arsenal that are easy to complete and DON’T cost an arm and a leg!


Simple Home DIY Projects

to Transform Your Space!

Cabinet Hardware

This is one of my FAVORITE ways to spruce up a kitchen, bathroom, or even storage space! Simply adding or updating the hardware on your cabinets can completely change the look of the room. Amazon, Target, and even Home Depot have great options for cabinet hardware. What’s best, is they are simple to install and can be done all in one go! Some great clients of ours did it to their kitchen earlier this year, and they couldn’t believe the difference it made:

Simple DIY Home Projects to Spruce Up Your Space! | Lugo & Co. | Home Renovations

Our clients already had a bright, white finish on their kitchen cabinets. But, in just one day, they added alllll of these cabinet pulls and we think it looked great! Our clients chose a stainless steel, traditional style pull that added interest without being too distracting.

Here are a few other styles we’ve done in our properties:

North Phoenix Remodels | Lugo & Co. at My Home Group | Designed by The Corridor

Townhouse on 12th | Before & After | Lugo & Co. in Phoenix, AZ-o


I actually did a whole feature post here on why we think lighting is the most important thing in a home. This is so huge to us, though, it deserves another mention!

Lighting is actually a lot easier to change than most people seem to believe. We outfit all of our properties with LED cans, which we purchase from either Home Depot or Amazon, depending on who’s got the deals. We’ve even done this in our own home, and switching out the nine cans in our kitchen/living area took us less than 15 minutes!

Almost most importantly in upgrading your lighting is upgrading the color of the lighting itself. Over the years, great color corrections have been made to LED bulbs. You can now choose lightbulbs and canned lighting from a (color) spectrum of warm to daylight.

Warm bulbs will have more of that yellow hue you may remember from older homes. But once you get closer to the daylight side of the spectrum, the color turns to a more blue, brighter hue. It turns out that this more natural light brings out all the best in today’s popular design elements! Here’s an example below of these babies in action:

Blue Kitchen Cabinets and Subway Tile, White Kitchen No. 4 | Lugo & Co. in Phoenix, AZ

If you’re new to this look, it can take some getting used to, but we promise: bright daylight bulbs are what we use in our home and our projects! It makes ALL the difference!

Switching from incandescent bulbs to LED canned lighting not only saves you money in energy usage, but also drastically cuts down on the heat generated by each bulb. We had incandescent bulbs in our kitchen, and the heat created when I would be cooking in there was just ridiculous. Switching out to LED’s alleviated this ten-fold!

Spruce up your front entry

Here in Phoenix, most all of us park in attached garages and enter the home from there. Our home is not designed this way, but I know a lot of homes in the area are. This offers a ton of convenience, but it’s easy to forget about our front entry when we don’t use it every day!

The entry to a home is the face of the home, the first piece of personality that greets a guest! Sprucing up our entry is one of my favorite things to do, and I even make updates seasonally.

One way to add a little interest to your home is build a fun address marker. There are some really easy DIY projects you can find on Pinterest, but here’s a fun version we love to do:

Simple DIY Home Upgrades | Address Sign | Lugo & Co. in Phoenix, Arizona

Simple DIY Home Upgrades | Address Sign | Lugo & Co. in Phoenix, Arizona

If your home entry (and HOA!) allows for something like this, building a little privacy screen with the address is a great way to add style to your home! This is easily done with a few 2×4’s, a can of paint, and address numbers. Maybe I should do a little tutorial on how our partner Andrew builds these for our projects! What do you say?

Other little updates you can do to your entry include a fresh coat of paint on your doorway. Sometimes we go a little crazy with a pop of color like teal or red. Other times, we keep it consistent with the trim of the home, like above.


There you have it!

Three easy projects that can be done in a day or less, and on any budget! I would love your thoughts on these, and be sure to share in the comments: Do you have any easy DIY projects you’ve tried, and how did they go? We’d love to hear from you!






Simple Home DIY Projects for any budget, that can be done in one day! | Lugo & Co. in Phoenix, AZ
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