Why We Joined ASBA (And Reasons We Love Small Businesses)


When we dig something, we’re all in.

It’s no secret that we love supporting small business. The two of us come from generations of self-starters and small business owners, and we are acutely acquainted with the struggles, ups and downs, twists and turns that small businesses have to endure to exist.

We own multiple businesses of our own (and hope to start more, soon!), and so we made the decision this week to align ourselves with the Arizona Small Business Association! We are officially official.

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If you own a small business in Arizona and you’re not familiar with the Arizona Small Business Association, or ASBA, now is the time! We love what this organization stands for:

ASBA Mission


ASBA exists to empower the small business community, and that is a cause that we can sure get behind!

In the spirit of our new membership with this organization, we thought we’d share a couple of reasons for why we love being small business owners, and why we are so passionate about helping our entrepreneurial friends succeed:

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We love the creative freedom of following our passions.

Real estate is our main gig, and it’s an animal in and of itself. Learning the ins and outs of the business was one thing, but once we had a handle on what the industry was all about, we were able to really start thinking about what our business had to offer our clients. From the very start, we knew that it was deeply important to us to help our friends and family by providing the best possible service. We had to figure out exactly what that looked like to us, and we have come to understand that, to us and our clients, great service means more than just stellar communication and an emphasis on educating our buyers and sellers (though these are strong pillars of our business!). We constantly find new ways to interact with our clients, even if they aren’t currently looking for a new home. Our clients know that they are the reason we work through those long nights and untangle difficult transactions, and we love having the freedom to get creative for our people.


We get to (carefully) choose the people we work with.

Choosing who we work with means more than being able to say “No,” when it’s warranted. While we do strive to work with clients that we know will be a good fit for our services, it goes deeper than that. Small business owners know that surrounding themselves with strong business partners can make a huge different in what they can accomplish. The two of us have worked hard to align ourselves with the coaches, mentors, and industry partners that believe in our service and want to help our business grow. The support of these superstars creates a better overall experience for our clients, and a stronger base for our business. We knew from the start that these relationships were critical to our success, and it’s been so rewarding to pass on the benefits of these partnerships to our clients. It’s a huge responsibility that we take pride in, to choose the right people to work with.


We get to connect with our clients.

If you can’t tell, a small business is a relationship business! Our most prized relationships are with the clients we get to serve. Whether our buyers or sellers are family, old friends, or new to us, we love developing a friendship unique to each person. We get to know these people very well, and it allows us to offer a more tailored experience every time we serve them. This allows to us to find more ways to “Wow!”, which is always our goal! Our clients are happy and cared for, and this ultimately results in more business down the road, by way of repeat business and referrals. Each of our clients are investing in us, so it only makes sense to invest in them, and cultivate a relationship based on trust and good will.


We love how our business makes us feel.

Lugo & Co. isn’t large or prestigious (yet!) when compared to the heavy hitters in the industry, but we take great pride in what we’ve built together. Every time I pull up our webpage, or receive the referral of a new client, I feel tremendous satisfaction in what we are working towards. It’s also fun that we always have new things to tell our friends and family. In the course of running our business, we seem to take away more funny stories from things that have happened, and it’s fun to kick back and share our war stories with others. Our business constantly introduces new experiences in our life to keep things interesting, and sharing these experiences is one of the key motivations driving this blog!


We get to give back to others.

Service is the pillar of our business, and we live for the moments that we really come through for our clients. Finding a way to exceed our clients’ expectations is thrilling for us. Outside of our business, we love giving back to our community in charitable services and donations; the community that surrounds us is special to the two of us, as we are both native Arizonans, and it feels amazing to have a positive impact on the neighborhoods that we call home! One of the most rewarding experiences for us, though, is being able to help other small business owners grow. We can relate to their challenges, and their work ethic is incredibly motivating. Through them, we are able to see an array of business challenges and opportunities that we can learn from.


The small businesses community is one that we deeply care about, and we are already planning ways to grow our reach and help more people!




If you own a small business in Arizona, we want to hear from you! Share what motivates you in the comments below!

  • Rick Murray, CEO, ASBA
    Posted at 14:11h, 20 June Reply

    Thank you for your support of small business and ASBA. There is strength in numbers and it’s businesses likes yours that make the small business community in Arizona so vibrant. Keep up the good work!

    • blugo24@gmail.com
      Posted at 12:31h, 21 June Reply

      Thanks, Rick! Excited to be a part of a great organization!

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