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An Open Letter to Bryce On His 30th Birthday

Bryce, you are 30 years old today. Do you mind that I’m throwing that number out there? I hope not, because 30 has never looked better.

I’m going to keep this letter short and sweet. No fluff, just the cold-hard-truth:

My life is better beyond measure simply because of your existence. Each year around your birthday, I begin to feel a little overwhelmed because I can never seem to perfectly convey just how much you mean to me.

Your strength eases fears I’ve carried my whole life.

Your unconditional support outweighs any risk I fear.

And your love and care for me whispers certainties that I married well, not for money or worldly successes, but for a man that will cherish and protect me and our family for years to come.


Happy birthday, Bryce.

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