The Best Things We Ate This Month

A community is only as good as its food. Okay – not really, but if you know us, you know we love finding great new places to eat! Luckily, we live in Phoenix, Arizona, home one of the fastest growing food scenes in America. Every month, we share the best thing we ate here in the valley. But, you can always follow us along on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook for the best places to eat in Metro Phoenix!

Toto Sapore & Strozzapreti Alla Salsiccia @ Pomo Pizzeria

Pomo Pizzeria - Best Thing We Ate This Month Lugo & Co Realty

Pomo Pizzeria – Best Thing We Ate This Month Lugo & Co Realty

Bryce: We finally made it to Pomo Pizzeria in Downtown Phoenix, earlier this month for date night. And I now have a second favorite pizza place! Not many places can beat Pizzeria Bianco (and many would agree with me here), but Pomo was a close second for pizza options in Phoenix. The Toto Sapore is topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, Italian sausage and other meats. The pie is blasted in a 905 degree pizza oven before it’s set on your table, and it is just delectable. With this, we ordered the Strozzapreti Alla Salscicca, a pasta dish on their summer menu. This was a fantastic complement to the pizza. Tender house-made pasta is tossed with tomato and cream sauce, italian sausage, and parm. We loved this so much that we brought friends back a few weeks later!

A note on the service: the Downtown location was pretty busy when we visited. But, the service was still pretty great, and we were seated immediately. Upon receiving our check, the owner came by with a few frosty shot glasses and poured us each a measure of limoncello. Don’t let the crowds scare you away from this place!

705 North 1st Street, Suite 120, Phoenix.


Crab Cakes, Roasted Brussels & Cavatelli Carbonara @ Twisted Grove Parlor + Bar

Twisted Grove - Best Things We Ate This Month Lugo & Co Realty

Twisted Grove – Best Things We Ate This Month Lugo & Co Realty

Stefanie: For Bryce’s birthday this month, our friend and colleague, Mark,  treated us to a fabulous dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. Twisted Grove is the sister restaurant to Grassroots Kitchen, located in Scottsdale. We’ve been there several times now, and have tried just about everything on the menu, but this was my first time ordering the Crab Cakes. They. Were. Perfect. I don’t know how I can ever order another thing on their menu again!

The crab cakes were meaty, with little interference from the barely-there filler and light breading they were fried in. A citrus aioli was light enough for a late August evening played very nice with the dish. Parmesan-garlic frittes were crispy and delicious. I hear there was a creamy slaw involved somewhere, but I barely noticed. We always order the roasted brussels sprouts on the side; the presentation is adorable, but the taste is ridiculous! The balsamic drizzle makes it. Finally, Bryce ordered the Carbonara with an egg on top. I know, it sounds scary. Order it like this anyway. You will not be disappointed!

8220 North Hayden Road, Scottsdale.


Pinot Noir Rose, Fritto Misto, & Margherita Pizza @ The Parlor

The Parlor - Best Things We Ate This Month Lugo & Co Realty

The Parlor – Best Things We Ate This Month Lugo & Co Realty

Kacey: I have heard nothing but good things about The Parlor, and everything was true. I was blown away! It was Friday night girl’s night, and that means one thing, wine! Bryan McCarrick does a fabulous job with the list at The Parlor! First of all, the Villa Wolf Rosé Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir Rosé, what could be better than that? When it comes to appetizers, I can’t go anywhere without ordering french fries. My friends and I couldn’t decide between the Fritto Misto and the Cauliflower Gratinata, and so we got both.

The Fritto Misto is a crispy calamari and shrimp dish, with a whole lot of love in it. I couldn’t get enough! The Cauliflower Gratinata is roasted cauliflower with aged white cheddar and breadcrumbs. It’s no joke, and it’s amazing. I am happy I was feeling adventurous enough to try it, and you should too! Now for the finale, the pizza! Apparently, this place is pretty popular for it’s pizza, and it’s very obvious why! Finally, we ordered the Margherita Pizza and it was probably one of the best decisions I have made in a while! It was beautiful and quite possibly the best Margherita I have ever had!

1916 East Camelback Road, Phoenix.



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