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The Best Things We Ate This Month: October

A community is only as good as its food. Okay – not really, but if you know us, you know we love finding great new places to eat! Luckily, we live in Phoenix, Arizona, home one of the fastest growing food scenes in America. Every month, we share the best things we ate here in the valley. But, you can always follow us along on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook for more of the best places to eat in Metro Phoenix!

Braised Short Rib @ The Henry

The Henry - The Best Things We Ate This Month | Lugo & Co.

The Henry – The Best Things We Ate This Month | Lugo & Co.

Bryce: This month, we were invited to a Top Agent dinner hosted by our friend and partner, Lizy Hoeffer. It was hosted at a favorite spot of ours, The Henry. Love this place — like most of Fox Concept’s locations, it has all the style, ambiance, and good food + bev you need. A simple salad led the dinner, but the main focus was definitely the short rib. So good! It comes served with bleu cheese and mushrooms — both things I can certainly do without. The serving of short rib was enough for two, but that didn’t stop me from eating half of Stef’s portion! It’s also served on top of a ridiculously tasty mashed-potato puree, which is just loaded with flavor. The best way to finish off this meal is with one of their signature espresso drinks, The Cleo: an espresso with almond milk and hazelnut. Perfection.

The Henry, 4455 E Camelback Rd.

Bloody Mary + Buttermilk Biscuit @ Stock & Stable

Stock & Stable - The Best Things We Ate This Month | Lugo & Co.

Stock & Stable – The Best Things We Ate This Month | Lugo & Co.

Stefanie: I’m not about to apologize for discussing brunch for what feels like the millionth time on this blog! We all know brunch has a special place in my heart, but have you heard about how I feel for a good bloody mary? I may have met my match with Stock & Stable’s home-made mix, topped with a lime, olive, and a tender piece of their coveted prosciutto. I was absolutely in heaven, and for $5, I’ve gotta say, it’s a hell of a deal. For the main, I ordered the buttermilk biscuit — a house made biscuit topped with a giant piece of fried chicken (win), and drizzled with maple and Frank’s. This all topped with an over-easy egg and melty cheddar cheese. This was off the hook, but overall muted by that really, really good bloody mary. Seriously, I would go back for a pitcher of just the drink!

Stock & Stable, 5538 N. 7th Street.

Pad Thai @ The Clever Koi

The Clever Koi - The Best Things We Ate This Month | Lugo & Co.

The Clever Koi – The Best Things We Ate This Month | Lugo & Co.

Kacey: Do you ever have one of those weeks, or months in my case, where you ditch the grocery store and go out to eat pretty much everyday? If so, then you will understand how difficult it was for me to choose one place to write about! I have been on a Pad Thai kick this month, literally the only thing I have craved besides Sprinkles, is Pad Thai! A few weeks ago I went to Clever Koi with a friend and guess what I ordered?  The Pad Thai and it was SO GOOD! I am not sure why I have waited so long to visit this gem of a restaurant, but I am so glad that I was finally able to go. Since the weather is finally getting a little cooler I feel like it’s a must to sit outside. The patio at Clever Koi is the cutest, very intimate yet inviting, and they have very sparkly lights! The service was amazing, there was always someone checking in and making sure everything was perfect! The menu is insane, everything sounded so good, it was hard for me to choose, I am thinking I need to go back very soon! This place is definitely worth going to. I promise your stomach and your taste buds will thank you! ***Note by Stefanie: The Clever Koi frequently participates in Arizona Restaurant Week, and they have great lunch and midweek deals!

The Clever Koi, 4236 N. Central Avenue.

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