8 Reasons to Celebrate Arizona Summers

We are officially reaching the dog days of summer in Arizona, and it’s no secret that the days can be particularly brutal once we reach July and August.

During these long days of simmering heat and blazing sunshine, let’s keep in mind the important things — the reasons why, year after year, we stick through these Arizona summers, sunburns and all!


1. Monsoons
With the dog days of summer comes the Monsoon season. Phoenix’s signature storms bring fantastic lightning shows, swift torrents of rain, and — yes! — a short reprieve of the heat. Along with these come the famous dust storms, promising awesome photo opts. We aren’t worried about a bit of dust — no, because we know that the long awaited rainfall that follows will wash any storm dust and debris away, leaving clear skylines for us all to enjoy!


2. Staycations

Did you know that WalletHub recently dubbed Scottsdale the #4 top city for staycationing in the country? Arizona boasts some pretty sweet staycation spots. Whether your R & R includes specialty cocktails, poker and slots, or low-key boutique vibes, there is a place for you right around the corner! After all, what better way to celebrate our summers than under a chic pool-side cabana with a refreshing drink? In fact, check out our top five favorite staycation spots, here.


3. D-Backs Games at Chase Field

Most of you know that we have a deep love of Spring Training Season. But we also appreciate the fact that the baseball fun doesn’t have to end after April. Downtown Phoenix’s Chase Field is a wonderful place to escape the heat while still enjoying the summer: thanks to Chase Field‘s 9 million pound retractable roof, sometimes you can even enjoy the clear afternoons and vibrate desert sunsets, all while watching the game. It’s hit or miss on which days they open the roof (the weather plays a role), but it’s certainly a treat when they do!


4. Easy Getaways and Day Trips

Arizona hosts plenty of vibrant spots to enjoy a quick day trip. Not all of Arizona is subject to a sweltering summer heat; some areas are actually quite mild, and offer amazing outdoor activities. Hike and bike in Flagstaff, fish in Big Lake, or camp in Payson! We even have five of our favorite getways all lined up for your next day trip, here.


5. Lake Powell

For a true Arizona vacation, it’s an easy trip up to Lake Powell. Water-sports abound on this reservoir on the Colorado River, and you can’t help but enjoy the beautiful backdrop of spectacular western scenery. As if that’s not enough to make up your mind, check out LiveUnbound’s “The Blob”, then try to keep yourself from booking a houseboat immediately.

Cool, right??


6. Salt River Tubing

While we are on the subject of water-sports, let’s explore the option of Salt River Tubing. Don’t be confused here: this is not just for roudy college kids (but if you’re in to that, be ready for a party). Tubers can choose from different routes that span over just an hour, to over 4. Just don’t forget your sunscreen! (Seriously.)


7. Pool Parties

Okay, we get it. We don’t have a beach, and we aren’t quite the Miami of party cities. That’s not to say, though, that the Valley can’t throw a pretty amazing pool party! Waterparks like Wet & Wild in Glendale and Big Surf in Tempe host pretty great family-friendly party events. For the 21-and-up crowd, you can’t beat Old Town Scottsdale; our favorite is at Hotel Valley Ho, but don’t forget to check out The W Scottsdale Hotel, and Club Maya for an amazing time in the sun!


8. Museums

Arizona is actually a very culturally-rich state, and we love celebrating not only the local culture, but pop culture and historical societies as well! Also, they have air conditioning. Plan a couple of visits this summer to cool off indoors while appreciating the arts — a few of our favorites are The Arizona Science CenterThe Musical Instrument Museum, and the Phoenix Art Museum, among others.

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