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It is with grateful hearts that we welcome you to our website. We got into real estate as an opportunity to provide value to our loved ones in an industry we love. Bryce and I have many hobbies and endeavors, but our true passion is to help our friends and loved ones’ with their real estate needs. Every client holds a special place in our hearts, and whether you’re selling or buying a home, we are here to help!

Bryce and I were lucky enough to have started our careers in finance. We both put in several years with big-box financial firms here in the valley and were very grateful for the work — after all, we were young adults entering the work force during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. After spending our first few years climbing the corporate ladder, we learned proper business etiquette, were groomed in effective communication and negotiation skills, and became experts in several business software platforms…but something was missing. We both were missing a sense of purpose in our careers, and we didn’t feel as if we were contributing enough to our community. And so, we began a business in real estate.


Fast forward a couple of years, and here we are! What we do now is so meaningful and rewarding to us. We love helping our friends, family and clients realize their dreams of homeownership; to earn our sellers top dollar for the homes they owned with so much pride; and, when we began designing remodels, to make our neighborhoods beautiful, one home at a time.


To think that this life of ours all started from a few rough ideas sketched out on scrap paper is unbelievable, to say the least. The two of us put our heart and soul into making sure that our trusted clients are treated with honesty, respect, and with the utmost care. Buying or selling your home can be a process, and we are here to help you make sense of it all. By these values, we are The Lugos at My Home Group.

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Bryce Lugo

Bryce is a true Arizonan, through and through. He’d never admit there’s a better place to live than in Arizona. Growing up in the Phoenix area, he worked in landscape design and developed a keen appreciation for the way a carefully curated landscape can impact a home. He graduated from the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University with a degree in Finance, and feels completely at ease with numbers. After a stint in corporate finance, Bryce felt compelled to begin a life in real estate with Stefanie by his side, to better provide value to the community he loves. It didn’t take long to find his way in the ever-changing world of real estate, and soon Bryce began to feel pulled by his dream of remodeling properties, which he began in 2015.


Bryce loves supporting local businesses, and particularly the diverse Phoenix food-scene that has grown through the last several years. His favorite thing to do at the end of the day is relax with Stefanie at a local spot with a glass of wine and good eats. Preserving and highlighting our beautiful Arizona neighborhoods, while creating a successful business that faithfully serves his clients, is at the center of Bryce’s passion. Without Bryce, the show simply would not go on.

Bryce & Stefanie's Engagement Photos | Lugo & Co.

Stefanie Lugo

Stefanie is quick to win others over with her easy smile and warm personality. She is a true student, with a never-ending quest for knowledge on all things from business, to gardening, to health and fitness. Grown and raised in Arizona, Stefanie has lived in virtually every corner of the valley, and has amassed an arsenal of stories and tidbits about the state she calls home. When not working with clients or running the back-end of the business, she finds solace in books or at the gym. Stefanie is right in her element when she is preparing marketing plans for the business, blogging about the community, or walking her clients through complicated transaction documents. She has a particular interest in the Central Phoenix and Downtown markets, and gleefully shares new developments coming to the areas with anyone that will listen.


On the remodeling side of things, her design preference is simple and fresh, with a timeless look. Rustic and industrial touches, like warm wood and strong metal finishes keep things original and can bring subtle comfort to any look. Over all things, Stefanie loves animals and secretly wishes to someday have a new kitten to join their four rescued pups at home. Stefanie’s dreams include learning how to play piano, to someday have a giant garden with vegetables and flowers, and to continually  help others feel inspired to take ownership of their lives.